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How This Handbook is Organized

The Handbook provides a comprehensive, but not exhaustive, list of medical conditions. The actions suggested are guidelines only and the actual offer may differ. Individual offers will depend on the merits of each case and other factors that may impact our medical decision.

The guide is organized into two sections: medical conditions (impairments), and non‑medical risks.

The information is organized as follows:

Condition and description Factors affecting the decision Fast track the app Likely underwriting decision

Provides the name of the impairment, including a short description.

Conditions are listed alphabetically with subtypes alphabetically listed within the category.

This is the criteria the underwriter uses to classify the risk.

Lists the medical requirements the underwriter is likely to request in addition to the regular “age” and “amount” medical requirements.

Lists the specific details to include so the underwriter can award the maximum possible credits available and make the most competitive decision from the outset.

Helps focus the APS requests to ensure the correct information is requested from the doctor up front, streamlining the underwriting process by significantly reducing the need for subsequent reports.

Shows the classification or rating for the impairment, based on the factors and requirements presented.

For most conditions, provides a sample decision for a “best case” scenario, “typical case” and “worst case” rating.