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Synergy Underwriting Handbook

When it comes to underwriting, setting reasonable expectations for your clients is critical. This Handbook can help. It’s an important tool that can help you, particularly when you’re reviewing your client’s medical history.

Non-Medical Risks

Depending on the specific details of each case, the risk may be Standard, or Standard but with an exclusion that applies to the entire policy (the life, critical illness and disability insurance), or Your client will be declined for Synergy.

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Synergy is a unique insurance solution. We have simplified the underwriting process for you and your clients to address the primary medical risks.

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Smoking Definition

Smoker rates will be charged if your client uses any tobacco product including cigarettes, cigar, pipe, chewing tobacco, nicotine gum or patches. Non-smoker rates Non-smoker rates will be charged if your client has not used any form of tobacco or nicotine products in the past 12 months.

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Due to the importance of understanding the contractual definitions and exclusions for the disability insurance, your client must be able to speak and read either English or French.

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For individuals who are not Canadian citizens, applications for Synergy can be considered for clients who...

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To qualify for Synergy, your client must qualify according to one of the four sets of criteria described on this page.

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