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Introducing Digital Fund Facts for Segregated Funds Thumbnail

Introducing Digital Fund Facts for Segregated Funds

Introducing a new digital customized experience for the delivery of Fund Facts for Manulife segregated funds! You now can create customized Fund Facts booklets for your clients through our Price & Performance (P&P) tool for the following contracts:  

  • Manulife GIF Select (InvestmentPlus, EstatePlus & IncomePlus v2.2) 
  • Manulife Private Investment Pools - MPIP Segregated Pools 
  • Manulife RetirementPlus 
  • Manulife PensionBuilder 
  • Manulife Segregated Fund RESP 
  • Manulife Ideal Signature Select 
  • Manulife GIF Select (original) 
  • Manulife GIF & GIF encore 
  • Check out this video for more information on how to use this new tool.


    Our new digital solution offers you many benefits, such as: 

  • Creating customized Fund Facts booklets for your clients based on their investment choices 
  • Ability to quickly save and email a PDF document directly to your clients 
  • Quick access to individual Fund Facts on the Price and Performance tool and the Fund Profiles 
  • Ability to download and email Fund Facts pages instantly for any subsequent deposits into new funds 
  • Including optional resource pages such as instructions on how to read a Fund Facts page 

    With the launch of this new digital experience, commercial copies of the Fund Facts are no longer available for order. You can now find our Fund Facts online through our existing P&P tool by visiting manulifeim.ca/SFProfiles. We will be adding digital Fund Facts for all of our legacy products in the Fall. In the meantime, digital versions of our Fund Facts booklets for legacy products can be found here 
    For more information, advisors can contact their wholesaler, the customer contact centre, or visit Manulifeim.ca